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UK Continues to discriminate against children of female British citizens

December 4, 2010


On the 21st of November 2010 a long over due issue was supposedly addressed. I say addressed because it did not go far enough to give this group despite all the fights and arguments a real sense of equality. Baroness Neville-Jones announced the following and I really thought this long injustice of being treated differently […]

Age Discrimination in Nationality Laws

September 23, 2010


Age discrimination is an issue in all British nationality laws for the children of British parents. The issues cover a multitude of scenarios under which nationality is denied to certain children under certain circumstances. It has resulted in family members being given different routes to citizenships and has caused unfair treatment for many. Children born […]

UKBA Announces Charges for Registration By Descent be Dropped

September 7, 2010


Michael Turberville of campaign has announced that the UKBA will soon drop its fees for children of British mothers born before 1983 for registration. This is very welcome and good news as we have been campaigning for this change in order for this group to be treated equally. There still remains the question of children […]

How my rights were eroded

August 14, 2010


I am half English and Half Bengali, I much prefer the term Eurasian or mixed descent rather then half breed as I find the latter term offensive and derogatory. My parents both met here soon after the war when they both worked for a defence in the Royal Ordnance. My father was a Chemical Engineers […]

What is the right of abode ?

August 13, 2010


How the UKBA is acting Unlawfully What is the right of abode The right of abode gives a person complete freedom from immigration control and permission Does the right of abode expire when a passport expire A person who has the right of abode does not lose their right of abode simply because their passport […]

A Step Too Far

August 11, 2010


When I read reports of immigration officers dealing with asylum seekers have “grant monkeys” to put on their colleagues desks when they give a grant to a n asylum seeker and stories of whistle-blowers actually being punished for doing the right thing their conscious tells to, I can’t help but feel reinforced in my belief […]

Allow children born out of wedlock citizenship through their British fathers

July 28, 2010


Currently, only British mothers and married British fathers are able to pass on their citizenship, by descent, to their children. The one and only group left out of their birthright are children born before 1 July 2006 to unmarried British fathers. There is a registration system put in place for fathers to register their minor […]

British Nationality Act 1981 section 4C discrimination against children born abroad to British mothers

July 28, 2010


Children born abroad to British mothers did not automatically acquire their mother’s British nationality until 1983. The government only recognised this injustice in February 1979, promising to legislate to abolish it but in the meantime giving British-born women the right to register their minor children born abroad as British Citizens. In the past before 2010 […]

Children of British citizens without nationality

July 28, 2010


Welcome to the first blog about children born to British citizens who have been denied automatic nationality