These hollow words

Posted on November 9, 2011


This Noble Sentiment of "I Want my Country Back!" .There is something inspiring about the far right enthusiasts standing up in the town hall meetings with tears in their eyes crying out "I Want My Country Back", and seeing signs held high at rallies and comments in newspapers!
"I Want My Country Back." One’s heart swells at this display. Wonderful! I’m ready to help. Let’s go get it back!!
Okay, then, one question to start with: How far back do you want it?
Just asking. Does the radical right want us to take an easy step back, say, to the halcyon days of Tony Blair ?Good times, good times.
Back to the Good ol’ days of Blair! Well fair enough we know that’s not the county the radical right want. God forbid
It’s more likely that they want to return to the days of Margaret Thatcher and the John Major years. Yes. Except — well, the problem is that this is when during the Thatcher years Quangos were being formed, riots ablaze in 15 cities, school means reduced to hamburger and chips and of course selling war materials to Saddam Hussein so he could fight the Iranians and invade Kuwait.
Surely you don’t mean going back to the days of Heath or God forbid the days of Callaghan?
So — what country do they want back?? Otherwise it’s just empty yammering.
They want to go back to an earlier time, a friendlier time, a better time in Britain of our youth, a time when everything was taken care of for us by our parents, and the time of our grandparents. A time of that mythical Shining City on the Hill. A warmer time that we see in old movies. A happier time.
"I Want My Country Back," they say.
Back. To that good, gracious wonderful time in Britain back where there were —
Picket fences.
Smiling neighbours.
Pride of country.
A handshake was your bond.
That’s the country "I want back." That’s the time I want back.
People went on hay rides and carolled together at Christmas and sat on the front porch drinking mint juleps, swapping yarns with grandma and grandpa.
Children respected their parents.
Common decency.
We the People.
A time when there were horse and buggy rides.
A time when there was no loud, crazy music.
No intruding cell phones.
No computers crashing.
No computers.
No iPods.
No Internet.
No cable TV. No colour TV. No TV.
No vaccination for polio. No cure for tuberculosis. No remedy for smallpox.
No chemotherapy.
No open-heart surgery.
No hearing aids, no pacemakers, no cochlear implants.
Womenfolk knew their place.
Blacks knew their place.
Asians  knew their place was in Asia.
Muslims were invisible.
No Benefits
No eight-hour work day.
No child labour laws.
No minimum wage.
No rural electricity.
No blacks in Cricket.
No blacks in football.
No blacks in the parliament.
No taxes.
"I Want My Country Back." I want my country to go forwards not back thank you !

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