So What does the new equality act mean ?

Posted on August 13, 2010


I have been going through the new equality act for 2010 and to be honest I do not know what it means ? Although there are some changes its hard to see where the changes will apply ? There is a new clause for age and a further one for disability and apparently if something effects more then one protected clauses then it should be easier to bring a claim in the courts to seek redress. Is this all just for employment ? or are the news to finally replace a much wider aspect of discrimination usually attributed to our own laws and regulations themselves ?

There are two things wrong with this act. It will be drip fed to us over a period of two years in stages and it has so many exceptions and clauses that allow a minister of the crown to over rule on it that it will become to many of us what the old Soviet constitution was to its citizens – a sop. It has many loft ideals and goals within it that are all cancelled out by legal words that do not mean anything in fact its designed to check mate itself out

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