A Step Too Far

Posted on August 11, 2010


When I read reports of immigration officers dealing with asylum seekers have “grant monkeys” to put on their colleagues desks when they give a grant to a n asylum seeker and stories of whistle-blowers actually being punished for doing the right thing their conscious tells to, I can’t help but feel reinforced in my belief that the UKBA is over run with right wing beliefs of people who are also deciding on the fate of mixed race individuals who they consider to be impure or not deserving of their statutory rights. Over night my “England” has become a country of petty officials and uncaring civil servants who do not want to see justice but stick by regulations. Even when they can see the injustice of something they stick by their official “views” such as I have been told by many a UKBA officer when complaining about the unjust actions they have taken to over turn my statutory rights which I have inherited from my mother who was born in Dagenham in 1932 and in 1951 when she met my father while working with Royal Ordnance married him. Himself a former commonwealth citizen of the Empire as are so many uncles and aunts of mine spanning several countries like the Indian sub continent, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and of course the UK. Today to have even a foreign sounding name earns you discrimination and stereotyping. Even for those of us who have been raised in a very liberal middle class manner with very secularist view we are seen as something that must be “cleansed” out of this society in much the same way the Nazis did with Jews during the great war. There is always at any one time forces at work that have to hate anyone and someone to the point of obsession and I have certainly felt the effects of this. I may have a very Muslim name but I also have a Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian heritage owing to my background that springs from our long colonial history and empire drawing relatives, uncles and aunts alike in what is the modern commonwealth. I always though this is what made England unique and certainly the British empire was its diversity of cultures and peoples. It seems today we are so consumed with a false sense of identity that we as a people have forgotten the diversity that all of us come from here in the British isles and there has sprung up a “purist” view of all that is not English and disregards all that is British in us. It is what some are trying to justify their actions and the acts I have been suffering and its a story that must be told. I have more English blood in me then many others who live here who are identified and English. This is not a problem to me as I do not suffer the prejudices of purism. However it does make me feel even 2nd and 3rd generation Europeans who come here are now sitting and passing judgement on me because I am of mixed background. Can’t the vast majority of people see what is being done. One by one rules and laws are being brought in to criminalise and make us illegitimates in our own country. Sure we have laws that enjoin us not to discriminate, even rules that are suppose to make sure pubic bodies avoid encouraging it themselves but we do not have laws that can take a civil servant or servants who hide behind the large monolithic structures of government and agencies such as the UKBA to punish them for their individual actions and crimes against peoples rights ! I am not talking about migrants rights but historic and statutory rights a person inherits. It is when these rules are violated and one finds no public recourse towards it being fixed and the system sets about ignoring it then it is indeed a very worrying day we live in.